What Is Preventing Your Smile From Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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If you are one of many patients who have stained teeth, you may be looking into teeth whitening treatment. However, it is important that you are aware that not every patient is compatible with professional teeth whitening. Prior to performing a teeth whitening treatment, our dentist will discuss any factors that could prevent optimal results.

Plaque buildup could reduce the results of teeth whitening result,as it leads to bacterial growth that discolors the teeth. Furthermore, the presence of plaque prevents the whitening agent from directly contacting the tooth enamel.

Tooth Sensitivity and Allergies
We encourage you to speak with our dentist if you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums or are struggling with gum recession. Allergies to peroxide mean that you will need to find a whitening product that doesn’t use peroxide as its whitening agent.

Badly Stained Teeth
While yellowed teeth can be lightened with whitening products, brown, gray, or purple spots may not be at all affected by the whitening procedures. Our dentist can help you find effective alternatives to tooth whitening if you have badly stained teeth.

Gum Inflammation
You may experience some mild gum discomfort after teeth whitening, but if your gums are already inflamed, the procedure can cause significant discomfort that healthy gums wouldn’t experience.

Dental Restorations
The material used in dental restorations is not affected by whitening products, so if you have any dental restorations, you may experience uneven whitening because your natural teeth will look lighter than your dental restorations.

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