What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Have you heard about gum disease but wonder how exactly you can tell if you or someone you know has it? To help you and to allow you to help your friends and family out, we can describe some of the major symptoms so you can have a better chance of recognizing it.

1. Significant changes may appear in your gums. Specifically, they may start to swell, turn a red color and feel tender when touched. They may also recede, pull away, from your teeth, which may make the teeth appear longer than they should.

2. Changes may come to your teeth as well. They may become loose, though not necessarily to the point of falling out, and they may shift in their alignment, which may cause your upper and lower teeth to not match up properly.

3. When you brush or floss, you may frequently draw some blood.

4. Pus may also accumulate in the area between your gums and teeth.

5. You may also have a bad taste in your mouth. Bad breath may constantly accompany you, and you may not be able to make your breath smell nice again no matter how hard you try.

While these symptoms are undesirable and can make you uncomfortable, there is still hope. You can come visit us here at Forever Teeth in Decatur, Texas for treatment. Our dentists, Dr. Dang, Dr. Whitt and our team have training and experience that can help you or the people you know. You can call 940-626-4441 to get in contact with us and schedule a visit.